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Image by Ramiro Pianarosa

A Paranormal Thriller

Published September 6, 2021

Oscar Predest is a prominent child psychiatrist specializing in hypnosis. When his son Tobias goes missing, Oscar abandons his whole life to find him. After countless failed searches, Oscar is approached one night by a woman with an unusual request – an invitation to her son’s exorcism. Surprised to hear a “specialist” has been solicited from the Vatican, Oscar attends the ceremony only to find that the voice possessing the boy recognizes him. This voice reveals itself as the spirit who once inhabited the man who murdered Oscar's son.

Alongside Lauren, the detective who led the search for his missing son, Oscar investigates the crime on another, paranormal front. What they find, in this spiritual autopsy, is a murderer with a mysterious history, which in turn leads Oscar back to the possessed child, Ryan. Through hypnosis, Oscar manages to speak to the spirit. These therapeutic sessions are as explorative as they are dangerous. But Oscar needs to know more about the conventions of this alternative world of reincarnated spirits. It opens doors of impossibility never imagined by Oscar or the Vatican specialist, Father Bosco.

As Oscar inches closer and closer to this forbidden tree of knowledge, Father Bosco, the exorcist from the Vatican, begins to exhibit strange behavior, with visible, physical injuries. What results is an apocalyptic finale between good and evil in the reincarnated world, shedding new insight into the controversial theories of predestination and reincarnation, where Oscar, Father Bosco, Ryan, Lauren, Theresa, and even Nathan’s spirit, encounter findings of an extraordinary nature.

Where I Fall
Image by Mohammad Rahmani



Published June 10, 2019

Fiction. Middle Eastern Studies. Women's Studies. WHERE I FALL, WHERE SHE RISES is a novel that follows two women on opposite ends of a terrorist kidnapping. While one woman suffers and falls at the hands of her captors, the other exploits the fame of such a publicized event to secure a future for her unborn child. Lea Ironstone is a Canadian freelance journalist who recalls her time spent in the very dangerous red zone of Baghdad, after the 2003 U.S. invasion. A self-destructive addict, she refuses to relegate herself to the safer green zone, where most mainstream news journalists like Paul Shell are protected. Desperately seeking a more controversial story to re-establish his fame as a television journalist for GNN, Paul Shell contacts Lea and agrees to meet her in the red zone for a recent finding. They are kidnapped by an insurgent terrorist sect and tortured repeatedly. Carol Shell, Paul Shell's wife lives in New York. Eight months pregnant, Carol is approached by Timothy Abel, her husband's agent. Timothy wishes to represent her "victimhood," which he sees as a very marketable and exploitable asset. Her appetite for fame and celebrity eclipses her familial priorities and she is coerced into a lifestyle that hinges on personal promotion. Lea and Paul find themselves incarcerated in a basement dungeon expecting their next "artistic" torture, while Carol makes her next public appearance to further her star. Lea and Paul's relationship evolves into a mutual understanding of their united fate, while Carol, on the other side of the world, rises in public stature. The novel evolves into an emotional satire, which depicts two strong women who attack the consequences of war on two different fronts.

Lock 7
Image by Dan Meyers


Published Oct 27, 2018

Leo Meurso, a trained mercenary and assassin gone AWOL, has crossed some bad people and is now his employer’s next hit. With a death sentence hanging over him, Leo decides to return home after twenty years of absence.


His plan is to attend his best friend’s wake and crash his high school sweetheart’s wedding, both scheduled on the same day. Wedged between, then pressed through such polarizing events, and motivated by the reality that at any juncture of the day he will soon be killed, Leo revisits family, the girl next door, the town fool still pining for his friendship and a host of others in a small canal town bursting with revelations of past secrets, sexual deviances, nostalgic memories, and the protagonist’s ultimate goal.

Lock 7 is an edgy, poetic, modern day literary parable about a man’s confrontation with death on the eve of his life’s ironic resurrection. Will Leo accept the just consequences of past actions, or will his epiphany release him from judgment?



Published April 15, 2018

What happens when the narrator is removed from a story? When the author''s real life is fictionalized instead, so that creator and creation relate on the same existential ground with no middleman? 


Chameleon (Days) is such an experiment in storytelling, a literary novel that explores an author''s psychotic break as he prepares to write an idea he has apparently stolen, one prompted by the discovery of a secondary character in his walk-in closet. A fictional day-to-day narrative structured around the search for Kashif, a feared and hunted terrorist labeled the Chameleon for the many facial surgeries he has incurred to disguise his identity, Chameleon (Days) bridges its author''s life to the evolution of Kashif''s story creating a fiction "while life happens," which often manifests itself in interference, inspiration, and the perils of letting your character know who his creator is.

Image by Rene Böhmer
Reliving Charley


Published October 15, 2010

Charley is a retiring English teacher whose best friend in the science department, Samuel, is desperate to save his dying wife.  Samuel has discovered a serum that reverses aging in his hamster.  He plans on testing the serum on his wife, but Charley, distraught by his own wife's passing and feeling like he has nothing more to lose, insists on trying it out first.  He soon discovers that the serum works on him too, and best of all, he still retains his memories as he physically gets younger.  However, as well as the serum works, it also introduces as many problems as it solves.  It turns out that reliving your life is as difficult and dangerous as living it the first time around​


Reliving Charley is a literary novel about the Faustian dream, a book about mortality and eternal life, and most of all, a story with a theme all of us aspire to, redemption.

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